December 14, 2017
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Tools and Resources for Root Cause Analysis

RCI’s root cause analysis resources have been created by our Reliability Experts, Veteran Analysts who will work together with you to unearth the heart of failures and problems using Root Cause Analysis. Join a free RCA Webinar, watch root cause analysis movies that take you from beginning to end on performing and delivering RCA. Our article database is brimming with case histories, magazine articles on RCA, Mechanical Failures and more! Take the next step with Reliability Center, Inc. to realize your potential as you embark on your Reliability journey with the right tools, consulting and RCA Method.

Reliability Training: Corporations, Teams & Individuals

proact webinarsPROACTOnDemand® Root Cause Analysis Webinars
Free RCA webinars for Industry and Healthcare – We can help you with your RCA method of choice. Our PROACT® RCA System is adaptable to methods such as Form-Based, Fishbone Diagram, 5-WHYS, MORT, Logic Tree, and Fault Tree. Join John Bartlow as he walks you through solving an actual RCA problem. John’s webinars are very useful and full of good RCA tips!

rca-calculators-smFree Root Cause Analysis Tools
RCI’s Reliability Calculators were created to help you save time and money for important tasks required while conducting root cause analysis investigations within your organization. They are free and easy to use! These valuable online calculators will help you evaluate vendors, determine training ROI, estimate cost of chronic failures and more.

rca-resourcesReliability Movies for RCA, FMEA & Case Histories
Our videos range from completed analyses, RCI case histories to personal real life problems solved by PROACT Root Cause Analysis. From our CEO’s message and our founder of RCI we hope you will be inspired to learn more about PROACT RCA Training, Software and our Reliability Consulting Services.

article databaseReliability Center Inc.’s Article Database
RCI has hundreds of articles written by our expert analysts, staff members and guests. Many are client case histories of successful root cause analyses, failure modes effects analyses, basic failure analyses and more! Articles included are for all industries including Healthcare. Our RCA Article Database is in “blog” format for easy reading, printing and sharing!

RCA subject matter speakersSubject Matter Experts: Keynote Speakers
For over 30 years Reliability Center Inc. has participated in professional keynote speaking engagements and reliability training for all types of industries. RCI’s team of engineers, technicians, investigators and teaching staff are all focused on how the human element contributes to undesirable outcomes and why. Our subject matter experts provide the most comprehensive resources to your facility with education designed to advance the skills, integrity and value of learning about root cause analysis, human performances, reliability and how they correlate to why things go wrong.

books on root cause analysisRoot Cause Analysis Books for Reliability
Reliability Center, Inc. books are available through Amazon and links are provided on our books page. Gain insights into Root Cause Analysis and Reliability Engineering and how to improve your bottom-line results. Industrial and Healthcare Patient Safety books are available.


Root cause analysis templatesDownload Error Chart!

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What Our Clients Say…

Anne Flood

MedStar Union Memorial Hospital

We have gotten so much more from our analysis using PROACT. What was usually a long drawn out process has been significantly streamlined. Using the program has been a great educational tool for our organization from the clinical side to hospital information system analysis to maintenance engineering.

Anne Flood - Director Risk/Quality
Union Memorial Hospital/MedStar

Matt Arndt


The PROACT methodology has given us a truly logical, data-driven approach for root cause determination.  PROACTOnDemand makes implementation of this methodology seamless across various user groups throughout our organization.  The ability to upload supporting documentation for team review is an especially useful feature.

Matt Arndt - Senior Reliability Engineer
Materion Brush Performance Alloys ® Elmore

Paul Andrews

Cliffs Natural Resources

Your work (Reliability Center) has helped Cliffs Natural Resources to learn from their failures. The training and consulting in root cause analysis (RCA) has helped Cliffs pinpoint the underlying reasons for problems and paved the way to develop strategies for improving performance.  Your (RCI) efforts have allowed Cliffs to have significant and widespread financial benefits. These efforts have specifically resulted in improved production, increased maintenance precision and improved business focus.

Paul Andrews - Reliability Engineer
Cliffs Natural Resources

Tobias Gilk


I’ve long known what an RCA is supposed to do, but not how to get there. Using the PROACT software helped to easily apply the RCA discipline to produce analyses that are robust and meaningful. In fact, PROACT helped uncover surprising causes buried in events that I thought I knew everything about!

Mr. Tobias Gilk - M. Arch., President & MRI Safety
DirectorMednovus® SAFESCAN®, Leucadia, CA 92024 USA

Howard Penrose


I’ve used PROACT for decades as part of my electric machines forensics programs! I highly recommend that you check it out!”

Howard Penrose - PhD, CMRP
Howard Penrose

K. Erasmus

[About Training] “Bob is not saying do not use the 5 Why’s either, he is saying consider the “how” or “How Can” before you use the 5 Why’s. Bob’s methodology brings about a whole new perspective and you start to see inter-relationships and dependencies more clearly, which could mean the difference between a “Shallow Cause” and a “Root Cause” in a complex environment.

K. Erasmus - LinkedIn RCA Group

Dennis E. Love

Syncrude Canada

We are very pleased with the results, as a matter of fact; Reliability Center Inc. (RCI) was a significant contributor as we closed out our fiscal year around $17,000,000 below budget.

Dennis E. Love - General Manager/Mining
Syncrude Canada

Ernie Elsbury

Arcadian Corporation

Our most visible improvement is that our on-stream time and production have increased substantially.  Using a twelve month moving average our annual production rate is improved by 20% in the ammonia unit and by 32% in the urea unit.

Ernie Elsbury - Plant Manager
Arcadian Corporation

Richard Wickboldt

- University of Michigan, Central Power Plant

I had a meeting with our VP last week and he was very impressed and blew him away with the [PROACT] methodology and the ability of the program to compile a full analysis and generate a report for him.

Richard Wickboldt
University of Michigan, Central Power Plant

Eric P. Newell

Syncrude Canada

We have continued to increase our plant throughput year after year reaching a record 67 million barrels of synthetic crude oil.  This represents a 24% improvement in throughput over a 4 year period.

Eric P. Newell - President and CEO
Syncrude Canada, Ltd.

Gary Hallen

Eastman Chemical Company

Eastman Chemical has steadily reduced our level of complaints [customer] since we initiated the PROACT RCA process, whereby we currently have half the level of complaints corporately as we did 3 years ago.

Gary Hallen - Global Customer Focus Manager
Eastman Chemical Company

Lester A. Wilkes

Texaco, USA

Your work (Reliability Center) with our Reliability Team has enabled many of our Business Units to develop or improve their Reliability culture which has translated into improved business performance.  Texaco has had significant and widespread financial benefits from its Reliability efforts.  These efforts have specifically resulted in improved production quality and volumes, increased maintenance precision and improved business focus.

Lester A. Wilkes - Vice President
Texaco, USA

Richard Burow

This book gives you the tools to develop a strong reliability program. In my 35 years as a mechanical engineer (P.E.) in the chemical industry, I have seen several “programs” come and go. Reliability, when proactive as taught by RCI, is the one program that consistently documents very large savings to cost ratios. In order to survive in the 21st century, industry must have a strong reliability program. RCI is a pioneer (since the 1950’s) in reliability and in particular teaching and training industry in using this valuable tool.

Richard Burow - Mechanical Engineer
Tennessee Eastman, Kingsport, TN

Tim Stovall

Having been involved since 1988 in the use of RCI’s root cause methodology, I know it provides repeatable success regardless of the magnitude of failure or type of industry. I can solidly contribute $10 million in savings from using the process. The knowledge in this book will stop the cycle of repeated failures.

Tim Stovall - CMRP, Reliability Leader
NOVA Chemicals, Inc.

Pam Grant

MedStar Union Memorial Hospital

Wonderful system! Presentation was done in a very consistent manner giving a good overview of system and capabilities. The real case scenario exercise was a good way to bring it all together.

Pam Grant - Risk Management Coordinator
MedStar - Union Memorial

Daryl Mather

The Latino brothers have been trail blazers in Root Cause Analysis for as long as I have known them. They have been particularly visionary in pioneering the inclusion of Human Factors into this field, via the PROACT methodology, over the past decade and a half. As always, their vision has been right on target!

Daryl Mather, Owner and Principal Consultant
Reliability Success Pty Ltd

Tim Stovall

As assets become more sophisticated, and we become more reliant on machinery, human error (and the reasons for it) are a far greater part of the reliability picture. This book will provide even greater support to companies that want to get the most out of their physical assets, and the PROACT methodology will continue to deliver unique value as they continue to evolve the method.

Tim Stovall, CMRP, Reliability Leader
NOVA Chemicals, Inc.

Alan Laundry

Having been involved since 1988 in the use of RCI’s root cause methodology, I know it provides repeatable success regardless of the magnitude of failure or type of industry. I can solidly contribute $10 million in savings from using the process. The knowledge in this book  will stop the cycle of repeated failures.

Alan Laundry, Tech. Services Manager
Westcoast Energy, Inc., Ft. St. John, BC.

Mark Young

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your company and the products you offer. We’ve incorporated your RCA Methodology into our business and are having a very smooth roll-out. I would like to especially recognize John Bartlow as being a “5 star asset” to your organization. In my opinion, he defines “excellence” within customer service. I look forward to tremendous success working with you guys, just as I’ve had success in the past.

Mark Young
Director of Reliability - Advanced Technology Services

Howard Penrose

“PROACTOnDemand has been a great tool for helping me manage my RCA’s!  The industry I was assisting thought the root causes were something completely different as everyone was only looking at the obvious.  Using the PROACT RCA process we were able to dig deeper and have resolved a rather significant issue in the energy sector that has plagued them for decades. “

Howard Penrose, Ph.D, CMRP

Allan McNally

“I have had the opportunity of using various methods such as 5-Why’s, Fishbone, Apollo, FMEA, and PROACT. I feel PROACT meets my expectations. The PROACT methodology uses rigorous fact based data followed by a verification process to determine the physical, human & latent root-causes that led to the failure(s). It can be used by people on the floor as well as any engineer that wishes to use the methodology.

Allan McNally
Machinery Reliability Consultant

Ron Butcher

“I had the opportunity to attend the Reliability Center’s (PROACT) Lead Investigator course in 2012 when we used “super users” to perform RCA’s on high impact incidents. One of the things I most enjoyed about that course was the time spent on the investigative process and the formality of evaluation of evidence based on facts in evidence. While that sounds a tad like a criminal investigation, the course is really about instilling the formal processes necessary for exploration and understanding. To your ‘wheelhouse’ we had a wonderful three days where we did nothing but evaluate and hypothesize the failure mechanisms for an array of mechanical components, shafts and bearings. From the perspective of understanding failure to institute system resilience, I can’t honestly say enough good things about the course. I also don’t think we’d find a more experienced team in performing these analyses than exists with the Latino family whose father started the business long before it was a fashionable practice. From my reading and experience, I would put Mr. Latino on par with Dr. Deming, Joseph Juran and others who pioneered the quality movement. Simply stated, whatever platform is used to collate and present the findings will only be as beneficial to our cause as the preparedness of the investigative team.”

Ron Butcher
Director of Health and Safety
U.S. Competitive Generation

Reda A-Admawi

The PROACT® Logic Tree, is one of the best methods we use. We are proud that all SABIC sites and corporates are unified in terms of analyzing the major incidents by using PROACT® Logic Tree methodology since our aim and target is always to reach to the latent root cause(s) that failed to protect our assets from any false human interaction.

Reda A-Admawi
RCA Specialist