November 21, 2018
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Why Parts Fail and How RCA Can Help!

Basic Failure Analysis Training

RCA On Chronic Failures

How to prevent failure from reoccurring – What do you do with broken parts after a failure occurs? When a failure happens on a job site work crews are pressured by management to clean up the area and get back online. So oftentimes broken parts and failure data are destroyed, altered or discarded. Don’t discard these parts – SAVE them for Root Cause Analysis investigations that may prove to be valuable information.

Learning what data is important to collect and how positional data can provide valuable information in restoring the order of events is paramount to identifying why the failure happened. Reliability Center Inc. offers several courses, software, tools and resources to assist the investigator in recovering what went wrong, how to investigate a failure and apply it to the Root Cause Analysis investigation for reporting PLUS how to prevent failure from reoccurring.

Enhance Your Work Skills With PROACT Training

Lead Investigator Certification Program Series
The Lead Investigator Program provides students with a solid foundation in mechanical reliability (fractology), and an in-depth understanding about the conditions that increase the risk of human error in the workplace. These integral skills will then be utilized within the PROACT® Root Cause Analysis framework and software to ensure that investigations are efficient, effective and successful.
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FSI – Failure Scene Investigation Training
The Failure Scene Investigation hands-on analysis verification techniques workshop provides students with the skills and knowledge to strategically obtain and interpret the data necessary to solve failure by demonstrating how different analytical tools are used to prove or disprove hypotheses. Major topics included in this course: NDT Techniques, Tribology, Fractology, Corrosion types and Mechanisms, Human Performance indicators, Developing Data Collection Strategies, and Verification Techniques. Available On-Site or at Reliability Center Inc.
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BFA – Basic Failure Analysis + Train The Trainer
The Basic Failure Analysis Workshop is intended to provide facility personnel the requisite skills and knowledge to eliminate the problems and chronic failures that they are experiencing everyday on the job. Students are provided instruction on a unique 4-step process that guides them through the technique of solving chronic problems down to their root cause(s) using real world examples. In addition, BFA provides the guidelines for the support mechanisms necessary to implement countermeasures to identified root causes.
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LinkedIN Group Discussions: Why Parts Fail
Join in this discussion of “Why Parts Fail” – Includes failures, RCA, discussions and more!

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Enhance the Ability to Perform Root Cause Analysis With Reliability Physics: – This article will give a deeper understanding of what Root Cause Analysis is and what it takes to get to the root causes of an event.
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Every true ‘craftsman’ needs the proper tools in their toolbox, in order to do their job properly the first time.  Analysts are no different.  The better the tools we have, the more efficient and effective our analyses will be. Reliability Center, Inc. has developed four (4) Reliability tools for your toolbox.  We know these tools will complement your current tool box.

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