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PROACT® RCA Software

Build Reliability Culture. Drive ROI.

PROACT OnDemand® RCA Cloud

Quick-start, web-based subscription software starting at just $75/mo

PROACT OnDemand® RCA Intranet

On-premises, intranet solution

PROACT® RCA Templates

Searchable library of RCA hypotheses from successfully completed RCAs in similar industries

PROACT® software gets your organization to the root of Reliability. Adaptable to multiple RCA methodologies including form-based, fishbone, 5-whys, logic tree, and fault trees.

Organize and automate your RCA process. Take your RCAs to the next level.

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Success Stories

“PROACTOnDemand® has been a great tool for helping me manage my RCA’s!  Using the PROACT® process we were able to dig deeper and resolve a significant issue in the energy sector that plagued them for decades."
Howard Penrose

Howard Penrose

“I rank your organization as the best in the world at what they do and very often advise my clients to train on your software and methods. In 33 years I have come across none better.”
Sam McNair

Sam McNair
Director Of Operations at Lagniappe Professional Services

“I find the PROACT® templates to be extremely useful in getting projects up and running.  Rather than beginning from scratch, the templates make it easier to complete my analysis.”
Greg Strom

Greg Strom
Sr. Reliability Engineer, Cliffs Natural Resources

“We have been using the Logic Tree Templates to assist in our RCAs.  The templates have been useful in sparking new ideas and in expediting the entire analytical process. Both new and experienced facilitators consider them an excellent addition to our RCA teams."
Tim Stovall

Tim Stovall
CMRP Reliability Leader

“The PROACT® Logic Tree, is one of the best methods we use. We are proud that all SABIC sites and corporates are unified in terms of analyzing the major incidents by using the PROACT® methodology.”
RCA pic-class

Reda A-Admawi
RCA Specialist, SABIC

“Metallurgists know how to 'listen' to materials to know why they failed.  But a damaged part is just part of the story. PROACT® is invaluable in helping me uncover all root causes.”

Annelise Zeemann
Materials Life