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PROACT® RCA Trending Manager 

Included in the PROACT® Enterprise Suite.

How well is your RCA effort performing? Many cannot answer this question for various reasons. Some of these reasons are related to the variability in their RCA approach, variability in the definition of success for their RCA effort and inability to correlate results from completed RCA®s.

Wouldn't it be helpful to know that you could see a 25% increase  in training related causes in our RCA®s over the past year?

The PROACT Trending Manager was designed to allow analysts like you the ability to conduct common cause analyses across the PROACT database. So now you can seek out trends related to your RCA performance

  • Preserve - Evidence
  • Order - the Analysis & Team
  • Analyze - The Information
  • Communicate - Submit RCA Report
  • Track - Bottom-Line Results


Easy to Define Trending Criteria:
  • Answer Wizard's Questions
  • Select "View Trending Results"
  • View concise & professional reports
  • View details, see bar & line graphs
  • Drill down to as much detail on a given point as you'd like
  • Directly launch into a specific analysis if desired
Benefits of Trending your Root Cause Analyses:
  • The PROACT Trending Manager allows you to easily report to management the trends you are seeing as a result of your RCA implementations. Often times when using form-based or paper-based systems it is only possible to view one analysis at a time. When using the PROACT Trending Manager you are able to define, create and report trends across your RCA database. Proving such trends allows you to identify proactive opportunities for future RCA®s as well as prove the ones you have completed are having a positive impact on your companies bottom-line.

  • Trending as a Systematic Approach:
  • The PROACT Trending Manager® is an integral part of the PROACT RCA System. It allows us to view our RCA efforts as a system and not just as individual tasks. Trending helps us to provide justification of the RCA effort to assist with getting more funding and resources to expand our successful efforts.