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PROACT® Root Cause Analysis Templates

Templates are an add-on to the PROACT® RCA Suite or PROACTOnDemand® RCA Subscription.

Flexible   Supplemental knowledge for RCA at your fingertips! Access your library of successfully completed RCAs by simply using keyword searches for similar events. After all hypotheses have been exhausted by the team, then the PROACT® Logic Tree Knowledge Management Templates® do what they were designed to do; uncover more possible causes that the team may have overlooked. Templates are comprised of events that have happened in numerous industrial and healthcare settings across all departments and include decades of researched real experiences. Each RCA analysis drills down to the REAL root causes of the undesirable events. RCA templates provide a knowledge base for analysts to explore by keyword searching parts, failures, falls, injury incidents and more. The returned value is a fully completed RCA that will broaden the scope of possibilities that could have caused the undesirable outcome. Simply cut and paste  to incorporate into your own RCA analysis or redefine your analysis by modifying the values returned.

Capitalize on past experience and leverage it on current analyses:
  • Industry specific:  Choose Industrial or Healthcare
  • Streamline and standardize Analyses across your facility.
  • Validate team hypotheses.
  • Identify overlooked organizational factors.
  • Drill down levels of detail to all of the root causes.
  • Search database using keywords and phrases.
  • Search titles and table of contents.
  • See RCA details show cause-and-effect relationships.
  • Easily incorporate templates into your own RCA.
  • Includes editing tools Cut, Copy and Paste.
  • Use Templates over and over - No Limit!
Help   for your RCA effort is here! Are you using a different RCA Process? Our PROACT® RCA System is adaptable to: form-based, fishbone diagram, 5-whys, logic tree, and fault trees.  PRESS RELEASE     FACTSHEET  |   Join a Free Webinar |    Try a Demo Account

News Update :   PROACT® RCA TEMPLATE NEWS: While our PROACT® Knowledge Management Templates currently exist in RCI's enterprise and online versions of PROACT, their availability will be expanded and integrated into our technology partner's PROACT for Meridium module of their Asset Performance Management (APM) Suite. The PROACT Templates will provide analysis content and methodologies that will complement Meridium Inc. product suite enabling customers to maximize their investment on reliability goals, expand their knowledge and complete analysis through the supported interfaces. This expanded integration with our Meridium partner will be announced soon.
Visit Meridium's Knowledge Center for more information: