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Readmission Priority Action Plantm (RPAP) Tool  

Have you been asked why you are having so many hospital readmissions?
You will know with RPAP!

RPAP is a comprehensive automated assessment tool to help provide a snapshot of your facility's risk related to hospital readmissions within 30 days of discharge. The result will identify the Significant Few (risks), typically the 20% of failure causes accountable for 80% of your risk to readmissions. The deliverable will be an immediate corrective action plan to reduce hospital readmissions and overcome these identified risks. This tool will provide you with a corrective action plan to follow for reducing or eliminating the identified readmission risks to hospital discharge.

RPAP does the report generation behind the scenes while you are busy assessing the risks. The RPAP Software Tool automatically produces a customized and credible Readmission Priority Action Plan painlessly. Purchase and download the stand-alone application to begin your ranking of probability and severity of the causes for readmitting patients. After your assessment is complete simply click the Corrective Action (CA) Report button to produce your instant CA Plan.

Readmission Priority Action Plan Tool Automation
  • Includes 119 Pre-Populated Systemic/Latent Root Causes.
  • Add/Edit causes as you discover them.
  • Sorts Readmissions by Risk Prioritization Number (RPN).
  • Produces an easy to read chart format of highest risk items.
  • Automatic Corrective Action Report Generation - Print/PDF/Excel.
  • Create as many reports as needed at any time.

How Does RPAP Benefit You?

Have you conducted an FMEA recently and discovered losses? The RPAP tool can assist you in conducting a deep dive of your previous FMEA and help determine systemic root causes to readmissions and help develop recommendations for your CA plan.

If you hear yourself saying "I don't have the time to do a deep dive on readmissions with all of the other Core Measures"... The RPAP tool can assist you in completing your review. It will provide in-depth information and proposed solutions for your corrective action plans. The RPAP tool is unique to readmissions and corrective action planning because we did our homework! With our partner, AYR Consulting we conducted a comprehensive RCA that explored 294 Hypotheses that produced 119 Latent Root Causes that contribute to readmissions. The RPAP Tool categorizes and grades them so you are able to produce the 20% of causes accountable for 80% of risk.

Remote Facilitation: After purchase and download we can connect with you remotely to help facilitate an FMEA using your RPAP tool. We can help you get started.

On-Site Facilitation: Our RCI Analysts and their medical associates are available to visit your facility to train your FMEA team and/or facilitate an FMEA. Upon completion your Readmissions Corrective Action Plan will be ready to present to C-Suite management.

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Who Developed the Tool?

Karen Fernandes, RN, CPHQ, President, AYR Consulting Group: Karen served as chairman of Joint Commission's Professional Technical Advisory Committee for Hospitals 2001-2003 and served as a member of that committee for six years. She has also been a member of Joint Commission's Hospital Advisory Committee and Nursing Advisory Council. Additionally, Karen was a member of the Federation of American Hospitals Quality Committee and served as Chairman of the Quality Committee 2000 - 2003.

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Robert J. Latino, CEO Reliability Center, Inc.(RCI):specializes in helping facilities become High Reliability Organizations (HRO) using the PROACT Root Cause Analysis System. RCI’s 40+ years of Reliability consulting, training and proactive technology tools has yielded average, published ROI’s of 600%+ for their worldwide client base. After working with RCI, and utilizing their results proven programs their clients have earned national awards for demonstrated Best Practices. Mr. Latino was the lead investigator on the CMS’ Fistula First Breakthrough Initiative (FFBI).®Mr. Latino himself trains and mentor’s lead analysts worldwide, helping them understand why well-intentioned and very experienced staff members sometimes make poor decisions that can result in very difficult and expensive outcomes.®RCI’s PROACT Root Cause Analysis System brings an understanding with recommendations for solutions to those undesirable issues.

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