PROACT® RCA Methods Training

Skill Sets for Investigators

PROACT® Root Cause Analysis (RCA) training provides problem solving skills and techniques to properly investigate, analyze and prevent failures and risks. Upon completion of this course, you will have the skill sets needed to complete a thorough and fact-driven RCA. Using the PROACT® Approach you will learn fact finding techniques, investigative strategies and skills for collecting and analyzing RCA data. Learn how to present recommendations and develop procedures to mitigate future risk. This Reliability training is recommended for anyone who is supporting RCA.

Presenting Recommendations

Merely uncovering factual root causes does not solve the risk or failure. Unless recommendations and corrective actions are appropriate, approved and implemented, the problems will continue to exist. Just like a lawyer who must present their solid cases you must do the same for management. Management expects to have their analysts present solid, factual data and information in the analysis to support and approve funds for implementing recommendations. The PROACT® RCA training ensures just that.

3-Day Training Provides the Following

  1. Three days of problem solving, dynamic learning with real case histories, multimedia presentations and course manual.
  2. Presentations by certified veteran instructors with real world examples.
  3. Comprehensive RCA course reference materials, hands-on projects and mentoring.

Students are encouraged to bring an existing problem to class. Depending on time and materials, your problem may be chosen to analyze during workshop exercises.

PROACT® RCA Techniques

RCI provides the tools and resources needed to examine your selected RCA candidates. You will learn how to assemble your investigative team of diverse and unbiased experts. You will learn the PROACT® method, what the acronym stands for and how to collect strategic data for completing your RCA. This method of preparation before an analysis is essential to a successful RCA.

PROACT® Logic Tree Approach

Using a visual rendering of problem solving thought processes, RCI will guide you using their exclusive “PROACT® Logic Tree Approach”. You will learn techniques detectives use when solving a crime…drilling down to the problem’s real root causes. By exhausting “How Could” a problem occur, you will discover “Why” the problem occurred. You will use only facts, supporting documents, interviews and data during your analysis. In this session you will be introduced to EasyRCA Software and Templates. EasyRCA Software is a comprehensive investigation management system which brings order and efficiency to the analysis process. As it is used over time it becomes a dynamic knowledge management database for future analyses.

RCI Mentoring

Once you complete the PROACT® RCA Methods training, your instructors will keep in touch with you to see if you have any questions and to offer guidance. We encourage students to communicate with their instructor as well as take refresher courses or other more advanced courses like Lead Investigator, Human Error Reduction Techniques and Failure Scene Investigation.

Course Description: This course provides an in-depth understanding of the PROACT® RCA Methodology. The course is designed to provide a detailed comprehension of how to perform RCA to achieve the maximum bottom-line results. The attendees will learn how to physically perform an RCA on any type of failure. They will be taught how to develop recommendations for the resolution of identified causes, write a report detailing the RCA results, present their findings to management and track the progress of the recommendations implemented for failure resolution.

Duration: 2 days + 1 day live facilitation/mentoring (Optional)

Audience: Recommended for Principal Analysts, Engineers and RCA Facilitators. In RCA Methods attendees learn our PROACT® Method of Root Cause Analysis. This proven method teaches students how to identify, investigate and eliminate chronic problems that occur in the workplace.

Objectives: Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify restraining paradigms and how they can prohibit finding the solution(s) to problems
  • Link problems and opportunities to chronic and sporadic events
  • Write concise failure definitions that provide a single focus point for an analysis
  • Identify techniques used in the preservation of event data using the 5 P’s (Parts, Position, People, Paper and Paradigms)
  • Form an analysis team by selecting members based on synergy and whole brain thinking
  • Develop a team charter and critical success factors for the analyzed event
  • Develop the top box of the logic tree by describing the event and modes
  • Analyze the undesirable event down to its root levels utilizing the logic tree and hypothesis verification technique
  • Determine the physical, human and latent roots of the undesirable event
  • Obtain recommendation acceptance criteria from management
  • Develop team recommendations based on analysis results and findings
  • Communicate findings of the analysis and recommendations for resolution to identified causes (roots) in a meeting with management
  • Write a complete analysis report including a description of the event, how the analysis was conducted, what was learned from the analysis and correction of identified problems
  • Identify the techniques to review the progress of recommendations selected for implementation
  • Advocate a paradigm that promotes proactive continuous improvement, using RCA as a tool

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