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PROACT® RCA Methods Training 

Course Data Sheet

Course Description: This course provides an in-depth understanding of the PROACT® RCA Methodology.  The course is designed to provide a detailed comprehension of how to perform RCA to achieve the maximum bottom-line results.  The attendees will learn how to physically perform an RCA on any type of failure. They will be taught how to develop recommendations for the resolution of identified causes, write a report detailing the RCA results, present their findings to management and track the progress of the recommendations implemented for failure resolution.

Duration: 2 days + 1 day live facilitation/mentoring

Audience: Recommended for Principal Analysts, Engineers and RCA Facilitators. In RCA Methods attendees learn our PROACT® Method of Root Cause Analysis.  This proven method teaches students how to identify, investigate and eliminate chronic problems that occur in the workplace.

Objectives: Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify restraining paradigms and how they can prohibit finding the solution(s) to problems
  • Link problems and opportunities to chronic and sporadic events
  • Write concise failure definitions that provide a single focus point for an analysis 
  • Identify techniques used in the preservation of event data using the 5 P’s (Parts, Position, People, Paper and Paradigms) 
  • Form an analysis team by selecting members based on synergy and whole brain thinking
  • Develop a team charter and critical success factors for the analyzed event 
  • Develop the top box of the logic tree by describing the event and modes
  • Analyze the undesirable event down to its root levels utilizing the logic tree and hypothesis verification technique
  • Determine the physical, human and latent roots of the undesirable event
  • Obtain recommendation acceptance criteria from management
  • Develop team recommendations based on analysis results and findings
  • Communicate findings of the analysis and recommendations for resolution to identified causes (roots) in a meeting with management
  • Write a complete analysis report including a description of the event, how the analysis was conducted, what was learned from the analysis and correction of identified problems
  • Identify the techniques to review the progress of recommendations selected for implementation
  • Advocate a paradigm that promotes proactive continuous improvement, using RCA as a tool

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PROACT® RCA Methods Training

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