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PROACT® RCA Enterprise Suite V4:

For Industry and Healthcare - Networks or Desktop. . Our new version has been carefully designed to be more intuitive and easier to navigate. And, most exciting is the new Trending Manager making data collection, storage, mining, managing and sharing with investigative teams and management much more efficient and meaningful. Add on  RCA Templates  to enhance your investigation with over 300 successfully completed RCA to draw on for even more experiences! Read More about RCA Templates...

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PROACT® Version 4 brings significant ease of use. About the new release, Bob Latino, CEO of Reliability, Inc. said, ®This new version was several years in the making, and we are very proud of the enhancements that have been made. Our beta-test clients have found Version 4 to be even more user friendly, particularly appreciating the drag and drop functionality.®
There are many other user friendly adaptations, including the following:

  • The new Trending Manager allows the user to query on the entire database of analyses using a given set of criteria so trending and tracking of RCA activity is simplified.
  • Allows for the creation of groups that can be used to assign a collection of people to an analysis team.
  • Reports can now be generated in Microsoft Word to allow easy editing and customization.
  • It is now possible to conduct database queries on analyses.

The PROACTsm RCA Suite is formated exclusively for Industrial or Healthcare organizations to assist analysts in failures, investigations and risk management. Easily organize, maintain and standardize your analysis process. Start with the FMEA/OA console to perform risk and opportunity analyses that identify probability and severity of failures or undesirable events. Evaluate, trend and justify your best opportunities for Root Cause Analysis that will improve your bottom-line - Fix items that are costing Money.
Take your findings to the RCA Dashboard and discover all of the root causes to failures or events. Behind the scenes, PROACT automatically builds your knowledge management database of completed analyses creating your own customized, search-able and interchangeable templates for future incident investigations - Automate RCAs Faster!

A Robust Knowledge Transfer Environment:
  • PROACT - PReserve, Order, Analyze, Communicate & Track for Bottom-Line Results.
  • Licensed Users - Network Collaboration, Email, Administration and Security
  • Assignment Console - Easily assign task to your RCA team with permissions - Access, Modify, Read, Delete.
  • Streamline and standardize Analyses across your facility.
  • Automatically prioritizes your completed FMEA / Risk Analysis for RCA.
  • Logic Tree / Fault Tree rendering in real time. Print or Save as WORD 2007 and above.
  • Verification Log - Import and link documents, images & videos.
  • Presentation Mode - Includes a definable path to failure within the Logic Tree.
  • Customizable Reports - Spell check, TOC, logos & cover pages: Print or Save as WORD 2007 and above - Allowing for editing.
  • Automatic Knowledge Database - Completed Analyses become search-able templates.
  • Custom Search - Key words, previous suggestions, parts, people and more.

Streamline  your root cause analysis process using PROACT® Root Cause Analysis System. Capitalize on past experience and leverage it for future analyses to prevent and solve all undesirable events and failures company wide.

 Add On RCA Templates

PROACT® Logic Tree Knowledge Management Templates® are root cause analyses that can be searched and called upon for use in the PROACT® RCA software system. Each suite is formated for either Industry or Healthcare. Our PROACT® RCA Templates are flexible enough to adapt to whichever RCA process the team is currently using (i.e. cause & effect, form-based, fishbone diagram, 5-whys, logic tree). Search Templates for hypotheses that you might have missed. Easily incorporate sections of Logic Trees into your current analysis.