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LEAPtm FMEA - OA / Risk Management

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Root Cause Analysis

Failure Modes Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a methodology for analyzing potential risk of mechanical and/or system failures as well as related reliability issues. FMEA OA/Risk Management is a stand alone product or available in our PROACT® RCA Suite. Using this type of risk analysis involves evaluation, assessment and justification techniques for identifying probability and severity of how failures or potential risk may occur.

Performing an FMEA enables you to quantify and prioritize your opportunities for Root Cause Analysis. Our LEAP® FMEA/ OA Software allows facilities to build process flow diagrams, import and export files, organize data, print and share customizable reports. LEAP also has the built-in flexibility to define "loss" in any term you deem appropriate - such as time, materials, human resources, etc. Measure an event's impact on your organization using either probabilistic or historical data.

Benefits & Features:

  • LEAP can be used on Quality, Risk, Safety, Production, Maintenance and Business issues
  • LEAP has built-in flexibility to define "loss" such as time, materials and human resources. Measure an event's impact on your organization using probabilistic or historical data
  • LEAP allows its users to comply with most regulatory requirements that address FMEA.
  • LEAP organizes your FMEA and risk opportunity data creating a searchable database while saving time and resources
  • LEAP dynamically generates your report in the background so you can focus on your analysis
  • LEAP allows the versatility of looking at events that have occurred (FMEA) and trending those that could occur (Opportunity Analysis)
  • LEAP qualifies events that are the best candidates for Root Cause Analysis by using justification techniques

Unleash  your investigative powers using PROACT® Root Cause Analysis. Once you have determined your most significant and costly losses/risks then start identifying, solving and eliminating the failures that are impacting your bottom-line.

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