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PROACT® Failure Scene Investigation

Failed Parts Tell No Lies

The PROACT® Failure Scene Investigation (FSI) hands-on workshop provides the participants with the skills and knowledge to strategically obtain and interpret the data necessary to solve failure by demonstrating how different analytical tools are used to prove or disprove hypotheses.

The Mechanical FSI course will educate and enhance the analyst’s ability to identify many types of mechanical failure modes. It will also give the failure analyst an understanding of when the hypothesis being verified must go to an expert. Many of the failures being analyzed can be verified within the organization. On average, about 20% will have to go to outside experts.

The Mechanical FSI course enhances the analyst’s ability to follow the discipline of the PROACT® methodology by increasing the individual’s internal practical and theoretical mechanical knowledge.

You will learn how to:

  1. Articulate the PROACT® RCA methodology
  2. Recognize fatigue, ductile, brittle, and torsional failures
  3. Recognize ball and roller bearing failure modes
  4. Recognize power transmission failure modes
  5. Recognize corrosion failures
  6. Determine reasons for human performance failures

Analysis Reports That Sell

Once the failure scene investigator has determined the real root causes of the failure mechanism, he or she is then taught how to assemble a comprehensive report for management that is comprised of facts that accurately present the findings. The final report provides the necessary justification to obtain the

resources needed to implement solutions which will eliminate the causes of the problems. This advanced course is designed for field, technical and engineering personnel who are primarily responsible for determining the causes of equipment, process and human failures, and/or for providing input on failed parts and general data collection when failure occurs.

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Failure Scene Investigation

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