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Free Root Cause Analysis Template

Personnel Error Diagnostic Chart for Industry or Healthcare

The free PROACT® RCA Template Chart provides analysts and supporting team members a problem solving outline to begin understanding how to properly investigate an issue. Some of the suggestions on this chart are common mistakes that lead to the root cause of an issue. Use this error chart to learn more about RCA and how you can gain the inside track on understanding the organization of your RCA. With our two or three day training of PROACT® RCA Method Training and Software, your organization can learn the leading RCA Method that truly Solves Problems.  Download RCA Template

Help  for your RCA effort is here! Are you using a different RCA Process? Our PROACT® RCA System is adaptable to various RCA methods such as Form-Based, Fishbone Diagram, 5-WHYS, Logic Tree, and Fault Trees. You can read more about using RCA Templates and how to integrate them into your analysis on our PROACT® Root Cause Analysis Templates Page.

 PROACT® RCA Templates are INCLUDED with your PROACTOnDemand® RCA Subscription SaaS!

Capitalize on past experience and leverage it on current analyses:
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  • Streamline and standardize Analyses across your facility.
  • Validate team hypotheses.
  • Identify overlooked organizational factors.
  • Drill down levels of detail to all of the root causes.
  • Search database using keywords and phrases.
  • Search titles and table of contents.
  • See RCA details show cause-and-effect relationships.
  • Easily incorporate templates into your own RCA.
  • Includes editing tools Cut, Copy and Paste.
  • Use Templates over and over - No Limit!
  • *Add On Templates to PROACT® Enterprise or Desktop