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RCA Executive Overview Workshop

August 24, Online and interactive, $450

Join us for a discussion about the PROACT Investigation Management System. The workshop will cover a ‘thorough and credible’ RCA method. We'll explain when to use the most common RCA graphical expressions (5-Whys, Fishbone Diagrams, Logic Trees). Attendees will participate in case studies, which will allow attendees to understand why some analytical tools are more comprehensive than others. The workshop will conclude with how to make an ROI business case for an RCA.

  • Learn how to evaluate RCA’s presentations made to them using an RCA QA/QC checklist
  • Create leading and lagging metrics to measure the effectiveness of their RCA effort
  • Make an RCA business case to determine ROI’s for analyses and the RCA effort

Given in partnership with, Strategic Reliability Solutions Ltd, a firm dedicated to working with clients to ensure that reliability becomes integrated into their organizational culture through the provision of consultation services, training and partnering to develop solutions!

Target Audience:

Upper management
Persons who will receive completed RCA reports from their teams

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