June 15, 2019
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Healthcare RCA: Michael Colombini MRI ( 10 Years Later)

Presented By: Robert J. Latino, CEO. Reliability Center, Inc. and Tobias Gilk of SAFESCAN®

MRI Safety Week was founded to celebrate and promote excellence in MRI safety. This presentation is based on the anniversary of the tragic 2001 MRI death of young Michael Colombini, age 6, who died when a portable steel oxygen cylinder was brought into the MRI room during his exam. The 2011 observance marks the 10 year anniversary.

There are a number of special activities that professional MRI providers undertake during MRI Safety Week. Some involve patient education. Some are targeted towards informing referring physicians. Often MRI Safety Week is the trigger for annual renewals of safety training or inspections of MRI safety features. Reliability Center, Inc. offers training and consulting for FMEA, RCA and Opportunity Analysis.

Mednovus, manufacturers of the SAFESCAN® line of ferromagnetic MRI screening tools have teamed up with Reliability Center, Inc. to bring you the full root cause analysis of this tragic event. See the sequence of events that happened that day, and uncover all of the root causes that led up to that day and beyond. what laid the foundation for this to occur? How could it be prevented from happening again? Join Tobias Gilk and Bob Latino in this movie and see how they drilled down to all of the root causes of this event.

Robert J. Latino Reliability CenterAbout Robert J. Latino:
Bob Latino is an internationally recognized author, trainer, software developer, lecturer and practitioner of best practices in the field of Reliability Engineering and specifically in Root Cause Analysis. He has been facilitating RCA & FMEA analyses with his clientele around the world for over 25 years and has taught over 10,000 students in the PROACT® RCA Methodology.
Mr. Latino received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. Speaking engagements may include associated case study videos, articles and other quick reference materials.

Root Cause Analysis Movie

Colombini MRI Case – 10 Years Later: See the sequence of events that happened that day, and uncover all of the root causes that led up to that day and beyond.

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Sanya Mathura

“Mark, It was an absolute pleasure to see you deliver the BFA course yesterday.

The manner in which you made the topics come to life with your experiences and knowledge was great to behold. You continuously connected with the audience and had them engaged for the entire day! (Which is a bit tough to do especially after lunch). Your wealth of experience and knowledge throughout the day really helped in bringing the participants to the understanding of the PROACT methodology and the concepts that were covered in the BFA. “

Sanya Mathura, Managing Director & Senior Consultant
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Vernon Kingsbury

Lafarge Corporation (U.S. Region)

From the results that it [Reliability Center’s Basic Failure Analysis (BFA) process] can achieve, I have a difficult time understanding why every company in the U.S. does not make use of BFA as a regular part of the way they conduct business.

Vernon Kingsbury - Maintenance Analyst
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